Brno – Peter Christensen: The Blasphemy of Genius in Architectural History (english friendly) – ONLINE

The lecture will be streamed on-line on Zoom, the link for the Zoom event will be available on the day of the event on a Faculty of Fine Arts website and the Facebook event. (the link for the event is in the box on the left)

This lecture will examine the origins of architectural history as a discipline in Germany in the 19th century and trace its reliance on modes of attribution from the fine arts to the obfuscation of the roles of other designers, engineers, craftspeople, builders and users, often in the service of other forms of oppressive power. While this talk is historical, it seeks to reflect on contemporary practice as well and it will serve as a template for the burgeoning discourse around authorship in architecture post-starchitect.

Meeting: 7.10., 18.00, Fakulta architektury, Aula 310, Poříčí 5