Brno- Lesná – Garden City of Panel Houses

Area full of prefabricated houses (“sídliště”) or a garden city? A unique town-planning concept from the 1960s combines both. Ministry of Culture has recommended Lesná for being proclaimed a landmark preservation area. We will walk about with Martin Maleček, who is an expert on both past and present of Lesná, and Nataša Zomková, who is an urbanist and daughter of the chief architect of Lesná František Zounek. (Architect Viktor Rudiš, the author of the estate, may come, too). The book Lesná – 50 Years of the “Sídliště” will be available for the participants.

Meeting point: Saturday 4 October, 10:00, Čertova rokle, terminal station of trams
Obzor Lesná