Brno – Introspection

Introductory symposium of the INTROSPECTION project deals with themes and problems of the coming generation of architects. It comprises authorial presentations and discussions. The project should map the rising generation of architects in Central European Area. Starting point of the project is Brno. Brno is understood as an autonomous section in the geomorphologically open corridor Kraków-Ostrava-Brno-Vienna-Bratislava-Budapest. INTROSPECTION monitors creative motivations of the new generation of Brno architects and tries to find their potential that would go beyond the borders of a provincial city. The project also includes confrontations with non-resident architects, who have a relationship to the city (they were born, spent their childhood, studied or worked in Brno).

Meeting point: Saturday 4 October, 19:00 Kavárna Praha, courtyard of the Pražák Palace, Moravská galerie v Brně, Husova 18
Web: 4AM