An interdisciplinary project of a German group of artists (Michaela Rotsch, Juliane Zelner, Lugo Rob) that concerns art, science, architecture and society. A transparent mobile cubus contains a collection of more than 5000 slides that were found in Munich and present artworks of various epochs. The collection is enriched with slides of social realism artworks that come from several Czech artistic institutions. Unlike ordinary museum expositions, the KUBUS is – due to its transparency and its placement in public space –open and accessible for nearly everyone.  And the visitor can be more than a simple observer – he may become co-creator of the installation.

Saturday 4 October, 12:00, THE OPENING NIGHT, the kubus is open 12:00 – 23:00
Sunday 5 October, 16:30, AN DISCURSSION WITH FOREIGN GUESTS, the kubus is open 11.00 – 23:00
Meeting point: Kavárna Praha, courtyard of the Pražák Palace, Moravská galerie v Brně, Husova 18